Since Hope and I have birthdays one week apart (she’s a year older…don’t tell anyone), we decided to head on over to Universal City walk for another birthday adventure. When you are a pass holder, iFly offers a free indoor “sky dive” during your birthday month. Unfortunately, Hope was two hours late, so DF and I decided to grab some lunch.

Me: They gave us free cotton candy at Saddle Ranch!

Mom: Don’t they alway?

They did give us free cotton candy one time, and DF was not happy with me that time (I got my sticky fingers all over his debit card, lol). After Monkey was all sugared up (we also got candy front It’s Sugar), and Hope finally arrived, we were ready for our free sky dives.

Me: Monkey wishes he could have gone but he’ll get sucked up in the fan.

Mom: As fun as real skydiving?

Me: No!

Mom: So guys with toupees can’t go? (Food for thought, haha).

Sis: How cute! Sounds like fun. I’d obviously rather do that then the real stuff!


Birthday Time!

As everyone knows, Monkey loves to celebrate, especially birthdays! Since he knew my birthday was coming up, he dug out his party hat for the festivities!

Me: DF took me to dinner and fro-yo for my birthday! Monkey is so happy!

Sis: Yummmm

Mom: Nice

Monkey Mouse

A couple of weeks ago, I found out that a friend of mine (who works for Disney) was back in Anaheim for a project. Hope didn’t hesitate and asked if she could get us in (for free, btw). Monkey was ecstatic when I told him that we were going. I requested the day off, and to the place where dreams come true we went!

Me: Monkey is definitely ready for Disneyland today!

Sis: Yayyy!

Mom: Haha! I bed he’s ‘kacited!”

Of course Monkey was “kacited! He was going to Disneyland for the day. Hope and DF met me at my place, and away we went! We decided to start the day in California Adventure (I had only been once, and only for a couple of hours last time). Monkey went nuts when we passed Lightning McQueen from Cars.

Me: We’re going to get wet! We already rode California Screamin’ and Monkey loved it!

We had also been on Tower of Terror and Soarin’ Over California. Monkey like Soarin’, but Tower of Terror was way too scary for him. After lunch, we headed over to Disneyland. But first, Hope and I stopped to get birthday buttons! Monkey whispered in my ear that he wanted to get a birthday button when his 2nd birthday rolled around. I told him I would definitely think about it!

Me: Monkey is so excited that I got a b-day pin! Hope got one too!

Monkey loved that the Cast Member took extra time to write a little note on the back. It read, “Happy Birthday 🙂 Zoey 5/14/2013” .

Me: Monkey likes this pic better cause he now has ears!

We were able to do everything we wanted, and we ran into our friend A&W, who was there with some college friends. Monkey’s favorite ride of all was Space Mountain, so we ended up going on it twice!

Me: Can you see Monkey? He loved Space Mountain so we went twice!

Mom: Yeah!

Of course, by the end of the day, Monkey had fallen asleep (it was such a late night for him!) and didn’t even realize that we missed the Haunted Mansion (he knows I like it). I knew he had such a good day and I hope to take him again soon!



Happy Valentine’s Day, Monkey!

Monkey asked me if he could dress up as Cupid for Valentine’s day. I told him that if he made his costume, he could definitely do it, since I was making cupcakes for my coworkers.

Cupid Monkey

Me: Monkey says “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Mom: Is he being Cupid? Happy Valentine’s day back at you!

Sis: Does Monkey have his Victoria’s Secret angel wings on?

Me: No! He’s Cupid!

Sis: Lol is that bad that it never crossed my mind that he was Cupid? Haha

Me to Mom: Sis thought Monkey was wearing VS angel wings!

Mom: Haha! Do NOT set him loose in VS! He will get arrested!

Me: Definitely do not need that type of incident on his record!


Rudolph the Red Nosed Monkey

Monkey is a Christmas monkey and clearly excited about the holiday. He is all dressed up like a reindeer, hoping that Santa will need his help tomorrow night:

Monkey is ready at a moments notice.

He wanted to make sure that Santa knew that he would be responsible with the presents!

Monkey loves giving gifts!

Merry Christmas Everyone! Love Monkey and me!


Monkey is Fired Up About AJ

Tomorrow is the Alan Jackson concert at the Greek Theater. As soon as I heard that he was coming to town, I got my tickets, since he is my favorite country singer. I have been to the Greek Theater and think it’s a great venue. A couple of months ago, while we were in Hollywood (my birthday weekend), we found Alan Jackson’s star:

Monkey is getting in free (I’m smuggling him in, haha!) and he can’t wait to see a live concert. More to follow 🙂

Monkey Goes to Street Food Cinema

Monkey and I were invited to go to an outdoor screening of the Lost Boys hosted by Street Food Cinema. I have been to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery screenings before, and stopped because they are a nightmare to go to now. Needless to say, I had very low expectations about this event. I was pleasantly surprised! With the exception to Cory Feldman’s band, everything was great and well-organized!

Me: “We’re outside the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum waiting to go see Lost Boys and have food truck food.”

Sis: “What is Lost Boys?”

Me: “Ha! It’s a vampire movie from the 80’s!”

We did have to wait outside the gates for a bit, but soon we were let in. They had a few freebies for us when we got in.

Me: “They gave us free fangs! This is way better than the cemetery movies!”

Me: “We also got a free chapstick and sticker for trying 3 naked juices.”

Sis: “Look at u guys making gout like bandits!”

Me: “We also got free popcorn chips!”

Sis: “Yumm!”

Mom: “Don’t drink naked.”

I told Monkey that we had to eat regular food before we had any dessert. We had some fish and chips from a truck called “Cod Save the Queen”. As soon as we finished, Monkey begged for a snowcone. He loved that there was vanilla ice cream at the bottom (he enjoyed that, I did not).

Me: “We got a cherry-vanilla shave ice after dinner!”

It was fun to relax on the lawn with my friends. Cory Feldman’s band performed right before the movie (it was also his birthday, same day as my sister’s cat’s!) and they were terrible! The movie was good (I’ve seen it), but Monkey was a little scared!

Again, it was way better than the cemetery screenings, so this will be where I go when I want to seen an outside movie!